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Supporting empathetic change makers who care about social justice and making the world more equitable

Our passion is about supporting workplaces where everyone can flourish.

We focus on helping leaders thrive, accelerating anti-racism and inclusion, and igniting innovation.

We seek to support empathetic change makers that want to explore how to change the current systems – those who recognise that leadership is about more than a title.

Our vision and approach

  • The Innovation is a movement to help improve you and your work
  • Our vision is to connect people and ideas
  • We provide unique content, conversations and workshops

Our services for you


'Providing us with the space to think and grow rather than firefight'

RT - Director of a large global research firm in Geneva

  • We deliver workshops exploring (1) leadership, (2) anti-racism, power and privilege, and (3) innovation  
  • Our unique process helps people to learn, grow and take action
  • If you want to get more out of yourself or your team, get in touch and let's talk about how we can support you

Group coaching (Masterminds)


A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members.

Eric Mueller, AltMBA coach

  • A mastermind blends coaching and learning
  • Supported by a group of peers, the goal is for you to work through your challenges and grow your insights to make change happen 
  • The groups can be 3 to 6 people – an intimate experience to help you dig deep into your struggles and cheer you on your progress
  • If you or your organisation are interested in this focused learning process, drop us a line

Coaching packages

'A big thank you for asking the right questions, it has really helped me in the last few weeks to get my energy back and focus on the right things.'

SN - Team leader of a humanitarian response in East Africa

  • We know how hard it is to make change happen in areas of anti-racism, inclusion and belonging
  • We also know everyone has their own journey to make and we show up for you
  • Contact us for a free ideas session, to discuss your goals and vision
  • This may be enough to set you on your path

Our facilitators

‘Diversity and anti-racism can be uncomfortable topics. They challenge who we are – our identity. This is hard work and it is not solo work. The astonishing brilliance of Mo and Beez is their ability to create a generous, safe space to do the hard work together with others. Most days I feel like they gave me an eye and heart transplant as I see and experience the world completely differently after working with them. Do the work with them. You’ll be glad you did.’

AD - Strategic director of a large global charity

Mo Ali

Mo has worked for large number of aid agencies over the past 15 years, often as a team leader or 'adviser'. What he's really interested in is helping you think beyond your constraints and turn them into assets - especially in areas of leadership and anti-racism. He loves connecting with people to make change happen. Read more about Mo's work.

Beez Fedia 

Beez is a systems thinking facilitator and a serial entrepreneur. He focuses on helping organisations flourish, supporting them to take a systems-based approach to improving diversity, inclusion and belonging - with a focus on disabilities. Beez has over 15 years experience working in the private sector and for start-ups, and helping social entrepreneurs with their journeys. Beez will support you along the path less trodden. More details Read more about Beez's work

Contact us

Get in touch to arrange a chat - email us via info@theinnovation.org.uk (or just jump in and join the community).

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Join our community for free. You'll join like-minded people who are practical, empathetic change makers. Some may be tree huggers but it's not a precondition. Although we do like our trees. You'll get access to exclusive content and discussions to help you grow your mindset, and access to our events and courses.

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