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A community of the world’s most motivated and courageous social change makers – is that you?

We lead a community of the world’s most motivated and courageous social change makers – is that you?

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No change happens without a conversation. 
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Do any of these words speak to you?

Committed. Courage. Fear. Excitement. Energy. Slowing down.  In circle. In service to each other (and ourselves). Empathy. Playful. Ouchy at times. Joyful. Physically strangers, soulfully friends. Celebration. Counterculture. 

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Mo Ali

My name is Mohammed Ali and making a difference is in my blood. For too long I've ignored my power, even the power of my own name. If you put any single cell of my body under a microscope, it would have the words "make a difference" inside them. I come from a family of refugees. Generation upon generation who have been forced to move. Serving communities has been an inter-generational theme. 

For nearly 20 years, I have been working in areas of social impact and social justice. I learnt to be a high level consultant and a high level negotiator - not to make money but to make social impact.  At times it meant I sat in meetings with Government officials. At times it meant I sat in mud huts, with incredible human beings, with no 'resources' as we see resources.

Even as a child I used to teach other children how to ride bikes. Service has been a golden thread through my entire life. 

Really I'm  a rebel, always looking to change the rules and systems to benefit humanity.

I'm a person who has tons of ideas. I'm energetic. I'm intuitive. I set massive goals and I get there.  I feel emotions deeply. I act with the heart.  I have found ways to thrive at the very highest levels, and walk into a rooms with all sorts of extraordinary people, whether or not I feel like I fit in. It doesn’t matter if others think I fit in. In fact, my goal is to be thrown out of rooms, not to be invited into them.

I'm connected spiritually. I'm playful. I'm loving - everything comes from my heart centre. I love dancing (those who’ve worked with me know) And.. I've become a f****** awesome parent.

I come from challenging circumstances, feeling underprivileged and disempowered for much of my childhood. At times hating the colour of my own skin. Stay out of the sun, stay in the shadows. 

My very gifts are my shadow. I hold myself back, because I rarely let myself slow down. I take on too much responsibility at times. I'm too accommodating and try and fit in, despite these high levels of success. Despite being a rebel. I forget sometimes to serve and try to please. Sometimes I hold back on taking risks. I'll wait, until it's perfect. I have ridden the wave of what's next and what's next and what's next.. Instead of being. I have deep regrets of spending so much time away from my son. I’ve had a victim mindset to my ancestry.

If we ever talk, I'll talk with you about things others won't - not the rubbish most people post on Linkedin. We will talk in circle, in conversation, in safety. That's where the true rebellious action happens. In a place where we can cry and then laugh. A place where we are seen. Definitely a place with music.

If any of this resonates - let's have a conversation. 


Nothing happens without a conversation. Let's connect deeply and play.

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